I'm Dennis Fj

A design enthusiast. My smile to the world is an image that I spread and
this smile is what comes to people's mind when they think of me.

Here’s My Courseworks:

Major Project

Crit 1: Business & Cultural Context

Crit 2: Commodity

Crit 3: Firmness

Crit 4: Delight

Crit 5: Prototype

Major Project - Be Enlightened

Major Project - Thesis Report

Major Project - Presentation

Design for the Web Content

Three Well Designed Objects Only with HTML

Three Well Designed Objects with HTML & CSS

Shape of Design

Final Submission: Three Design Objects

Final Submission: Richardson's Bakery

Richardson's Bakery | Whimscial

Applied Art For The Web

Personal Profile single page design wireframes & mood board.

Typesetting Experiment ‐ Designer's Code of Ethics

Profile Page

Typesetting Literature

Typesetting - Design Rationale

Film Production

Film Production - Design Rationale

Film Production - Poster

Film Production - Whimscial

Content Management

Presentation: Page load speed is a UX consideration.

Article: Page load speed is a UX consideration.

Revisited: Small Business Website

Revisited: Small Business Website Report

User Experience

UX&ME - Blog

Social Media & SEO

Justdogbreeds - Website Review